A number of the x-ray enclosures we design and build are supplied with integral manipulators. Most commonly these aid inspection by moving the part under investigation whilst x-rays are on and viewing the live image. A simple manipulator might have two or three linear axes but complex assemblies will also move the x-ray source or detector and might include rotational axes. Maximum sample weight and movement precision can vary greatly according to customer requirements. They can be made programmable with pre-set inspection routines selected by scanning a barcode and operated via touchscreen PC’s.

Our experience in this field extends beyond direct x-ray inspection applications. We design sample part and equipment loading systems, large scale turntables, ceiling mounted gantries and powered scissor tables. Our expertise includes complex cable management, servo motors, encoders, gearing, belt drives, ball screws, linear slides, racks and pinions.

Rotating x-ray Source & Intensifier Carriages

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