safety system control panel with E-Stop

Electron-X designs, manufactures and installs integrated safety solutions to meet all the requirements of IRR17 (The Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017).

Safety systems can include any or all of the following:

  • Fail-safe 3-stage warning lamps
  • Emergency stop buttons / pull cords
  • Door interlock switches.
  • Safety control panel with multiple X-ray source management
  • Safe edges / light curtains (on motorised doors).
  • Search and Lock-up
  • Radiation detector

For each new design we create a detailed risk assessment prior to specifying the safety system to ensure that all aspects of installation, operation and maintenance are considered. The safety systems are designed and built to comply with the current IEE wiring regulations and conform to all current safety standards and directives including Safety of Machinery. They can easily be incorporated into a customer’s existing electrical system.

During commissioning, tests are carried out to ensure that the safety system complies with the relevant regulations and that the self-monitoring, fail-to-safety and dual channel circuits are operating correctly.

Typical elements of a safety system for an X-ray enclosure with dual X-ray sources would be:

  • Interface unit with controls for isolation, source selection and connection to external devices.
  • Safety-relay monitored E-stops inside and outside the enclosure.
  • Safety-relay monitored door interlock switches.
  • 3-stage warning lamp units with lamp-fail interlock facility.
  • Optional link to motorised door and door safe edge or light curtain.
  • Optional radiation detector to provide additional monitoring of dose levels
safety system electrical enclosure

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