X-ray cabinet systems are used for non-destructive testing (NDT) of a wide variety of products and materials. Electron-X design, manufacture and install a range of x-ray cabinets to suit different customer requirements. In addition to the Electron-X product range, we specialise in bespoke X-Ray cabinets and supply refurbished high quality X-Tek machines as well. See below for examples.

Bespoke X-Ray Cabinets

Our highly experienced technical design team work closely with customers to ensure the x-ray systems provided have the optimum specification and are the most practical and economic solution.

The team will discuss all the technical requirements including; 

  • x-ray source rating
  • sample and detector manipulation
  • any automation requirements
  • x-ray cabinet ergonomics
  • interior and exterior colour and finish.

X-Ray Cabinet Safety System

Each x-ray cabinet has an integral safety system which links the x-ray equipment to 3-stage warning lamps, door interlock switches and Emergency Stop buttons (E-stops).

All our radiation shielded cabinets meet the current 2017 Ionising Radiation Regulations (IRR2017). Our X-ray inspection cabinets can also be designed and built to meet additional standards such as specific I.P. (Ingress Protection) ratings or vibration isolation.

Common X-Ray Cabinet Uses

X-ray cabinets are a cost effective and highly flexible solution to a range of quality needs. They are widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronics, materials, pharmaceuticals and many other areas of manufacturing and production for Quality Control (Q.C.), Failure Analysis (F.A.) and Research and Development (R&D).

Capabilities of cabinet X-ray systems include:

  • Detecting metallic inclusions in homogenous materials
  • Detecting voids in homogenous materials
  • Defective assembly of cables to plugs
  • Cracks and porosity in thin walled tubes and pipework welds.
  • Circuit board manufacturing and soldering defects (including BGA analysis)
  • Semiconductor device defects (bond wires, die attach, hermetic seals)
  • Forensic Evidence
320kV X-ray Inspection Machine

Delivery, Installation & Support

Electron-X x-ray cabinets can be built at our factory in Milton Keynes, which often minimises the disruption to the customer. After a Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) the x-ray cabinet would be shipped to site and installed as a complete, ready to use unit. Once installed the system will undergo full functional tests and radiation checks so that a Critical Examination Certificate can be issued. This is an HSE requirement and the certificate remains valid for 1 year. Operator and (if required) maintenance training is provided.

We also provide assistance with equipment registration, Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) training and can assist with Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA) appointment.

In the longer term, all our customers have access to remote support (email or phone), regular maintenance contracts and rapid response breakdown visits.

X-Ray Cabinet Design Considerations:

    • Footprint, shape and dimensions
    • Source type (high power/Mini-focus/micro-focus)
    • Manual or powered lead lined doors
    • Hinged or sliding lead lined doors
    • Lead glass viewing windows
    • Manual or automated manipulators
    • Multiple axis manipulators
    • Image display options
    • Interior and exterior colour / finish
Blade x-ray inspection cabinet

Blade Inspection System

This cabinet is a 2m x 2m x 4m high, automated blade inspection system. The cabinets top and bottom sections can be separated for easy installation. 

78kV X-Ray Cabinet for Orthoscan Mobile C-arm x-ray system.

78kV Box X-ray Cabinet

A compact mobile cabinet to house an Orthoscan Mobile C-arm x-ray system.
The C-arm traverses the sample tray for viewing large samples.

160kV Double Door Cabinet

160kV Double Door Cabinet

1.5m x 1m x 2m high walk-in x-ray cabinet with double hinged full-height doors. This cabinet weighs 2.6 tonnes and is used for x-ray development in the food industry.

Sliding Hutch X-ray Cabinet

40kV Sliding Hutch Cabinet

The x-ray cabinet has two shielded hutches with lead-glass viewing windows. The hutches sit on rails which allows them to slide apart to give full access to sample parts and x-ray equipment. The cabinet was designed for Research & Development work in the food and farming industries.

Automated 320KV Cabinet

Automated 320kV X-ray

This X-ray cabinet has been designed to provide automated x-ray inspection of artificial replacement human joints. The cabinet uses a barcode reader to select the inspection routine and store the data.

Sample feed system cabinet

Sample feed system

This 130kV x-ray cabinet is a rock core inspection system. The samples feed through automatically from the load arm to the unload arm. The cabinet is a modular construction. The arms separate from the body for ease of installation. It has an integrated safety system with warning lamp and safety interlocks. 

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