Design and installation of bespoke x-ray enclosures forms the core of our business. Based on customer requirement and specification we produce an outline design of a suitable shielded room. Once the design is completed and signed off, the parts are fabricated, and the room built and tested.

Shielding material is usually concrete or lead steel panels. Door operation can be manual or motorised. Internal and external finish can be specified as ‘clean room’ or ‘industrial’ or anything between. Each room has a safety system, designed to link the x-ray equipment to the warning lamps, emergency stop, door interlocks, etc.

We have built rooms as large as 7m x 7m x 6m high and for x-rays up to 750kV. Installations can include a range of additional facilities such as sample loading and manipulation systems and dark rooms and viewing rooms. Although most of our customers have been UK based, we have also built large facilities in Dubai and Hong Kong.

200kV Lead Panelled X-Ray Room

200kV Lead Panelled Room

This x-ray room was constructed with lead steel panels mounted onto a rigid steel frame.
The rooms primary use is for the x-ray inspection of aircraft jet engine parts.
Located in Hong Kong.

100kV Clean Room

100kV Clean Room

This x-ray room is also a clean room. It is a 7m x 7m x 6m structure with two sets of full height overlapping doors. The very large doorway opening enables the x-ray inspection of complete satellites.

450kv & 750kV X-ray Rooms

450kV & 750kV Rooms

Adjacent x-ray rooms with an interconnecting services room. Multiple sub-surface cable labyrinths provide electrical and services links. Motorised sliding doors with light curtain and pressure sensitive safe edge.

300kV & 450kV Triple Bay X-ray Room

450kV & 300kV Concrete Triple Bays

This x-ray room comprises of three back-to-back bays, created with poured concrete walls. The bays are used for the x-ray inspection of heavy welded parts.

160kV Concrete Block X-ray Room

160kV Concrete Block Enclosure

Concrete block cavity walls with sand infill provide the radiation shielding in this x-ray room. This room is used for the x-ray inspection of aircraft parts, including wings.

Twin 750kV Bays X-ray Room

Twin 750kV Bays

This x-ray room comprises of a pair of bays with a central target wall. It was constructed using lead chevron blocks. The bays are mainly used for testing high energy x-ray equipment.

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