At Electron-X, we have a team of experienced engineers and technicians that are dedicated to providing support, servicing and maintenance for our customers x-ray facilities and equipment.
This service includes x-ray rooms, x-ray cabinets, x-ray equipment and x-ray safety systems supplied by Electron-X or by other OEM companies.

We provide regular preventative maintenance servicing, breakdown visits and remote support in the UK and overseas.

Annual servicing would usually be combined with a full safety system test and radiation scan so that a Critical Examination Safety Certificate can be issued.

In addition to support of x-ray facilities, we are experts in maintenance of all older models of X-TEK (Nikon) micro-focus x-ray cabinets.

This includes:

  • Benchtop 125 and Benchtop 160
  • VMX 125 and VMX 160
  • VTX 125 and VTX 160
  • CPX and CPXS
  • LinX, Compact, Hawk and Harrier
  • Revolution and Orbita

*Note that we stock many hard-to-source and obsolete spare parts for these machines. 

Aside from supporting X-Tek equipment, we can also provide training for both the x-ray machine user and the maintenance engineer if required.

This includes the X-Tek iXS and Inspect-X software which controls these x-ray systems.

Servicing & Maintenance -Radiation Equipment
Orbita X-Tek X-ray Inspection Machine
Benchtop X-Tek X-Ray Machine
HMX XTEK X-Ray Machine
Gemini X-ray Machine
Hawk X-Ray Inspection Machine
HMXST X-Ray Inspection Machine
Harrier X-Tek X-Ray Inspection Machine
Harrier Xtek X-Ray Machine
Compact X-Tek X-Ray Machine

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