X-ray inspection is a quick, cost-effective method of monitoring product quality. This effective non-destructive test can be used to highlight defects including missing or broken parts, incorrect assembly, cracks, voids and inclusions. Our x-ray inspection service frequently performs quality checks on plastics/materials, electronic components and PCB boards,  forensic evidence, motors and automotive parts and much more. 

We offer a comprehensive x-ray inspection service at our facility in Milton Keynes. All the x-ray machines are real-time micro-focus which provide high resolution and high magnification images. The sample parts are manipulated using joystick controls to give the desired view. X-ray images can be viewed live or are captured and stored on USB or CD, or sent via the internet.

The x-ray inspection service is available for use during normal working hours or out-of-hours by special arrangement. Electron-X trained operators complete the work and specialist Applications Engineers are available to assist with problem solving and tailoring procedures to  quality certification requirements.

VMX SK XTEK X-Ray Inspection Machine

We have several machines with different capability including:

  • Penetrating x-rays up to 200kV
  • Sample size up to 600mm long
  • Sample weight of 15kg
  • Resolution detail to <5 microns
  • Magnification to 1000X

Customers with an inspection requirement have a number of options:

  • Parts delivered to us by courier will be inspected using a pre-determined set of guidelines
  • Bring parts to us and watch and direct the inspection
  • Operate the x-ray machines yourself after a short operator training and safety induction

Inspection is usually charged by the machine-hour but we can also agree ‘per item’ rates on batches of identical parts. We also hire out X-ray equipment for higher volume inspection requirements. See hire.

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